Hi 🙂 This is my third entry for chapter 3 ‘The Lauriston Garden Mystery’. In this chapter Sherlock Holmes was requested for his help from detective Tobias Gregson for a case; a dead man discovered in empty house in Lauriston Gardens,with marks of blood in the room but with no wound on his body. Sherlock Holmes accepted the request as Watson pursuit him to do it, they then headed to the Laurison Garden where the setting of this chapter take place.

Finally, this chapter shows a clear genre of ‘A Study In Scarlet’ as murder mystery, as a murder case pop out and Sherlock is handling the case due to request of Lestrade and Gregson. I loved the character of Sherlock in this chapter, he showed an amazing deduction and observing skills and logical reasoning supporting his insistence. What I have discovered about Sherlock Holmes is:

First, Sherlock Holmes is an observant person. Actually, people can know easily that Sherlock is observant by reading chapter 1 or 2 but this chapter again proved it. For example, Sherlock Holmes was able to know a fellow who was walking down a street was retired sergeant of Marines by observing his looks, belongings and acts. Also by observing the crime scene, Sherlock figured out that murderer was tall, had small feet, wore coarse and square-toed boots, smoked a cigar, came with his victim by a cab, had a florid face and etc. I really liked how Arthur Conan Doyle amazed me by Sherlock catching points which give big help to the case from the crime scene where the other detectives thought there were not much to detect.

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Second, Sherlock Holmes is a prudent and objective man. In the passage, he said “No data yet”, “It’s a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgement”. This shows, Sherlock does not make a rash judgement or deduction. It made me like learning about qualification of detective from the Sherlock, it looked like Sherlock make sure that every actions he take does not biases the deduction.

Third, it’s not really about Sherlock Holmes but from this chapter, I realized that this novel is based on the 19th century as Sherlock and Watson travels by the hansom cab and Sherlock is observing by the magnifying glasses or sending a letter. I felt like learning the 19th century of London by reading this novel.

So overall this chapter had show many clear information about the Sherlock’s character, genre and context of this novel. And What I thought personally about this chapter was that it seemed like Sherlock was getting to conclusion in very smart path bite by bite and made me to look forward how Arthur Conan Doyle is going impress me next chapter.



This is my second entry for chapter 2 ‘The Science Of Deduction’. So basically in this chapter, Watson and Sherlock moved their room to No. 221b, Baker street and started to live together. At first few days of Watson’s, his curiosity of Sherlock Holmes got bigger and bigger until when Sherlock confessed himself as a consulting detective.  This was the part I liked the most  in this chapter because I was waiting for Sherlock to tell Watson about himself and he finally did it !!!!


So it seemed like this chapter became more likely to a mystery genre now as Sherlock introduced himself as a consulting detective and showed Watson a incredible observing skill of his by explaining how he knew Watson was from Afghanistan. I was amazed by Sherlock’s observation and deduction skills.

However, I thought that it was very arrogant of Sherlock when he criticized the famous detective characters of the story when Watson was admiring him by comparing with those characters. Then, I started to think about Sherlock Holmes, “Can someone like Sherlock be in real life? “How did Arthur Conan Doyle invented such a intelligent and observant character?” and I did further research about it and I found out that  Sherlock Holmes is inspired by a real man named Joseph Bell who was a professor of Conan Doyle when he was in university.

This chapter felt to me like the story is going to be more mysterious going onward as elements of mystery genre and more about Sherlock Holmes was introduced.

The appearance of Sherlock Holmes mentioned in ‘A Study In Scarlet’ :


  • Over Six feet
  • Excessively lean
  • Has sharp and piercing eyes
  • Has thin and hwak-like nose
  • Has prominence and squareness chin


Finally I have started reading ‘A Study In Scarlet’ written by Arthur Conan Doyle. This is my first entry for chapter 1 ‘Mr Sherlock Holmes’.

First thing, I realized while I was reading this chapter was that this story goes along in John Watson’s point of view. This made me think “Why did Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in Watson’s point of view?” and I started to guess. I thought he wrote it as Watson’s perspective because he wanted readers to have curiosity of Sherlock Holmes, so this way will be more strange to readers because we can’t know what Sherlock Holmes thinking about.

This chapter was basically about Watson’s situation and how Sherlock and Watson met up. So there was not much information about Sherlock’s character but some clues from the Stamford’s description of him 계속 읽기




Do you know who is Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes is a well known consulting detective who was born in 6th of January 1854. He lived at 221b Baker street, London with his sidekick Dr John H.Watson. In every cases, as he proofs that he’s amazing, Sherlock Holmes shows an incredible logical reasoning and observing, furthermore remarkable ability in disguise and in use of forensic science skill. Sherlock Holmes surprises people as he solves mysterious and difficult cases which are almost impossible to solve.

My thoughts about Sherlock Holmes:

I first met Sherlock Holmes through a comic book when I was a child, and his first impression to me was ‘interesting‘. In the book, he was very intelligent and amazing at solving the mysterious cases and he was also strange as much as his cases to me, which made me want to know more about him like how does he think and see things in his perspectives. I’m very expected to read about Sherlock Holmes novel written by Conan Doyle as I never read one before, I’m curious about the differences of Sherlock Holmes between novel version and TV series version.

Arthur Conan Doyle:

acd Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, full name Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born on 22 May 1859 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and died of heart attack on 7 July 1930. During his lifetime, Conan Doyle trained as a doctor and got his degree from Edinburgh University on 1881. He also worked as surgeon and medical officer for a few years travelling between Liverpool and West Africa. Then he settled down in Portsmouth on the English South coast and spent his time for medicine and writing.

Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes, the best known detective character today through a novel ‘A Study In Scarlet’, published in ‘Beeton’s Christmas Annual’ on 1887. Sherlock Holmes was a big hit when he first came out. Due to his success, Conan Doyle continued to write several stories involving him. However on 1893, Conan Doyle who was fed up with Sherlock Holmes, eventually killed Sherlock off. Then, Conan Doyle started to write 계속 읽기