For my entry today, I’m posting about Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Final Problem’. I read this story very interesting as this was the canon which Conan Doyle eventually killed off Sherlock Holmes. It is said that Conan Doyle finished Sherlock Holmes because he was fed up with Sherlock, he thought that Sherlock Holmes was holding him back. He wanted to avoid the stress and works coming from Sherlock Holmes. But due to  pressure and reluctance of the fans, he eventually brought Sherlock back through ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’.

Genre: The genre of the Final Problem was clearly mystery as Sherlock gets mysterious attacks from Moriarty’s people at the beginning of the story. Then Sherlock and Watson fled of London, to put Moriarty into jail and eventually starts a running fight with Moriarty. At the end of the story, Moriarty and Sherlock brings to close and Watson assumed that Sherlock and Moriarty fell off from the Reichenbach fall.

Setting: The story first starts in Watson’s house as he moved out from 221b Baker street due to his marriage. Then Sherlock and Watson met up in the Victorian Station, to ride the continental express and went to Canterbury, Newhaven, Dieppe, Switzerland, via Luxembourg and Basle.

Context: I could knew easily that this story was in 19th century as there were less technology used. For example, Watson used a hansom cab for transportation and traveled by train instead of plane when crossing the country and people contact each other with letters, telegram or sent messengers.

Character: Finally in the Final Problem, Moriarty appeared, the villian and the rival who can stand against Sherlock’s intelligent. Moriarty seemed to be very cunning and nasty in the story but he was also incredible as even Sherlock had to put thoughts of Moriarty aside every time to not fell. Sherlock Holmes in the Final Problem was same as usual, he was intelligent and observant as he was able to push Moriarty into a corner, which made Moriarty very angry and came for revenge but Holmes even already knew that though he didn’t tell Watson because he doesn’t wanted Watson to get in danger. I could knew that Sherlock was very righteous person as he wanted to to end Moriarty in order to make London peaceful and he sacrificed himself for the safeness of Watson. I was impressed by Sherlock’s justice and friendship among Watson.

Overall, it was very amazing to see the fight of Sherlock and Moriarty but also quite sad to see a futile death of Sherlock. As the big fan of Sherlock, I thought like ‘Did Conan Doyle really had to kill Sherlock like this?’ because Sherlock could have prepared for Moriarty as he already knew that Moriarty was coming. But I’m glad that Sherlock Holmes return after 7 years from the ‘The Final Problem’.



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