Today for my entry, I’m making a comparison and contrast on ‘The Final Problem’ and ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ 😉

I watched ‘The Final Problem’ in movie and it was a big help in understanding ‘The Final Problem’ written by Conan Doyle. The movie version of ‘The Final Problem’ had some added parts but the plot was followed by the original. BBC series ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ was also based on Conan Doyle’s ‘The Final Problem’ but there are huge differences and changes in the setting, character and context.

Setting: Compare to ‘The Final Problem’ which the setting had changed several times as Sherlock and Watson crossed the country to fled London, ‘The Reichenbach fall’ was basically happened inside London such as 221b Baker Street, Tower of London, Bank of England and Pentonville prison.

Genre: The genre of both ‘The Final Problem’ and ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ are mystery as Sherlock draws a rival composition with Moriarty and tries to defeat him. Also in both movie and BBC series, Sherlock solves a mysterious case, which were actually created by Moriarty such as  in movie Sherlock founds a Stolen Monarisa painting of Louvre museum and in BBC series he found and Turner’s The Reichenbach fall painting. The fight between Moriarty and Sherlock gave me a lot of mysteries and questions like  ‘Why is Moriarty trying to kill Sherlock?’, ‘Is it actually possible for what Moriarty is doing?’, ‘How did Sherlock realized what Moriarty was going to do?’.

Context: The one huge difference between BBC and movie was the century. ‘The Final Problem’ followed the orignal exactly so the century was 19th century but for BBC series, it was early 21st century, modern days. From watching the movie and BBC, I had directly understand and found the difference which represents their century. For example, in the movie, I had discovered that people travels by hansom cabs or just walk because there were no developed vehicles at that time, Watson and Sherlock also took the train to cross the country instead of plane and the luggage were carried by the horses. Furthermore from their outwears, I could identified the century as they were wearing very formally like suits and hats. Also small minor things like using ink in writing or using telegrams, letters, pipes and candles to light up the room shows me that it is a 19th century.  In contrast with movie, the BBC series shows the early 21st century as they use many modern technologies such as the transportation; cars and buses are used, for clothes, people wore very freely and casual, it seemed to be more open minded compare to 19th century as the forms of the clothes became various. Furthermore minor things like reporting news by TVs and magazine, use of lamp, phones, earphones, CCTV and camera show the 21st century.

Character: Compare to ‘The Final Problem’ which the characters were more heavy and distant, it seemed to me like the BBC series characters were more eccentric but familiar. Both Sherlock and Moriarty in BBC series was young compared to ‘The Final Problem’ as the audience watching Sherlock had changed. I realized that Sherlock and Watson really cared about each other in both ‘The Final Problem’ and ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ as Sherlock died caring about Watson and both Watson cried for Sherlock’s death.

In conclusion, I both liked ‘The Final Problem’ and ‘The Reichenbach fall’ as each had their charm. I liked how people differentiate the BBC series from the original, though I prefer original Moriarty than BBC series as I was really fed up of seeing Sherlock played by Moriarty, it felt to me like Sherlock from the original had really defeated Moriarty than BBC series; BBC series Moriarty was more wicked I guess. So overall, what I want to say is I recommend you guys to watch BBC version of ‘The Final Problem’ and the movie as well, it is really interesting to compare and contrast while watching them.

sherlock__the_reichenbach_fall_by_emilyriddle-d55p8bo                The_Reichenbach_Fall


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