Today, Sherlock Holmes are still love by people and has been remade into many various versions such as movie, TV series, comic books and etc. Today for my blog I’m going to make a comparison of ‘A Study In Scarlet’ and ‘ BBC series ‘A Study in Pink’. Basically, I both read and watched ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and ‘A Study in Pink’ very interestingly and it was quite fun and enjoyable to identify parts where and how Paul McGuigan (Director of Sherlock) changed and differentiate ‘A Study in Pink’ from Conan Doyle’s ‘A Study in Scarlet’.

Basically the part where I was impressed the most from ‘A Study in Pink’ was how Steven Moffat, the writer of Sherlock (BBC series), changed the setting of Sherlock into 19th century to 21st century. Actually I was first concerned when they changed the setting because I thought it will be awkward seeing Sherlock in 21st century in modern days as my imagination of him was quite old fashioned man like wearing his cab,coat and holding pipe. I thought, he was more suitable in 19 century Victorian time because at that time, London was never a stable or secure place to live, it was more like dangerous and dirty; many trash were scattered on the streets of London, diseases were spread out and crime incidents happening. So it was understandable in exist of consulting detective. But 21st century of London is way much peaceful and developed than past; if you watch ‘A Study in Pink’, you many find many changes. For example:

  • Transportation; cars, buses and taxis can be found, there are no more hansom cabs in London
  • Clothes; became more casual and free compare to past which were more formal; people wore suits; neck tie, coat, hat and gloves and dresses when they go out
  • Ways of communicating; phones, messages, emails are used to contact, less people contacting by letters, telegrams or sending a messenger
  • Develop in technology and science; how police investigates crime scene; tools they use are developed


  • Both Sherlock lives in 221b Baker street of London

But BBC series overcome my concerns, it was greater than I expected, I was amazed by Steven Moffat and Paul McGuigan’s choice of changing the setting; the BBC series felt to me very unconvenient (How Sherlock uses modern technology to investigate the case) and there were more parts where I identified than Conan Doyle’s Scarlet as 21st century is familiar than 19th century to me. Besides setting, there are also differences and similarities in context and characters except for genre. Of course the genre of Scarlet and Pink are both murder mystery because:

  • Sherlock is introduced as consulting detective and Watson becomes his sidekick
  • A serious case pops up; people murdered and Sherlock handles it
  • Sherlock solves mystery and discovers the murderer base on clues he found


  • Sherlock Holmes in ‘A study of Scarlet’ is more polite and civil compare to Sherlock in ‘A Study in Pink’. Sherlock in the BBC series is more eccentric and self centered; doesn’t care about other’s feelings or how they think about him. Both Sherlock are very intelligent, observant, arrogant and excellent in deducing, but to put the differences of them concretely; when Scarlet Sherlock ignores someone without really meaning to do so, he apologizes for his rudeness but Pink Sherlock definitely ignores people for purpose and ignores them again, he basically think others as stupids and fools. Also we can see the difference in how both Sherlock are treated by people. Scarlet Sherlock was treated more respectful compare to Pink Sherlock who was treated as psychopath; an insane man.


  • ‘A Study in Scarlet’ goes along in Watson’s point of view and ‘A Study in Pink’ is in third person’s point of view
  • The place where Watson got injured is changed from shoulder to leg
  • The victims of ‘A Study in Scarlet’ are 2 men and ‘A Study in Pink’ are 2 men and 2 women, in total there were 4 victims in Pink.
  • The victim discovered in Lauriston garden was a woman instead of a man in ‘A Study in Pink’. This can be linked to the title because the woman was wearing all in pink in ‘A Study in Pink’ and in ‘The Study of the Scarlet’ the room was filled with the marks of blood.
  • In ‘A Study in Pink, Watson was taking a doctor’s advice of writing blog to overcome trauma of war.
  • Compare to ‘A Study in Scarlet’ which culprit was a cab driver,’A Study in Pink’ was a taxi driver.

There are more differences and similarities in ‘A Study in Pink’ from Conan Doyle’s ‘A Study in Scarlet’. Overall I was amazed by both Arthur Conan Doyle and Paul McGuigan for their great work ‘A Study in Scarlet’ and ‘A Study in Pink’. Especially how Paul McGuigan changed and took every single and minor things from the original. I strongly recommend people especially mystery lovers to read Arthur Conan Doyle’s canon and compare it with the BBC series Sherlock.



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