Hello ;), this is my fourth entry for chapter 4 & 5 ‘What John Rance Had To Tell’ and ‘Our Advertisement Brings A Visitor’. Basically, in these chapters Sherlock and Watson got one step nearer to a conclusion. I enjoyed these chapters because it showed many faces of Sherlock and how does he gets up and come up with a conclusion.

The setting of this story took place in Audley Court, Rance’s house and 221b Baker Street as Sherlock and Watson was waiting for murderer to come for the ring.

The genre of this story was clearly shown in the chapters as Sherlock met Rance, the witness of the crime scene and put advertisement of a facsimile ring to get further information about the case and to entice the murder using the facsimile ring. Also in these chapters, Watson was along Sherlock Holmes supporting him as a side kick.

What I noticed about Sherlock Holmes was he is quite ruthless in solving the case because, the passage where Sherlock said  “The man whom you held in your hands is the man who holds the clue of this mystery, and we are seeking” and “The blundering fool” felt to me like he was angry of Rance for his mushyheaded answers for the case, so I thought that Sherlock is also a person who gets annoyed when there is rent in the case. Secondly, I felt that Sherlock was really confident with the murderer’s visit for the ring as he said “This man would rather risk anything than lose the ring”, I felt that the trap was extremely smart of him as he uses a certain baits to entice the murderer. I really liked this part because it was seeing like the process and qualification of detective catching the murderer.


In conclusion, I read these chapters pretty interestingly except for the part where Sherlock missed the murder, these chapters made me to look forward of how Arthur Conan Doyle continued with next chapter and the actions that Sherlock Holmes is taking after the red herrings. I can’t wait to see next chapter !!! 😉


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