Hi 🙂 This is my third entry for chapter 3 ‘The Lauriston Garden Mystery’. In this chapter Sherlock Holmes was requested for his help from detective Tobias Gregson for a case; a dead man discovered in empty house in Lauriston Gardens,with marks of blood in the room but with no wound on his body. Sherlock Holmes accepted the request as Watson pursuit him to do it, they then headed to the Laurison Garden where the setting of this chapter take place.

Finally, this chapter shows a clear genre of ‘A Study In Scarlet’ as murder mystery, as a murder case pop out and Sherlock is handling the case due to request of Lestrade and Gregson. I loved the character of Sherlock in this chapter, he showed an amazing deduction and observing skills and logical reasoning supporting his insistence. What I have discovered about Sherlock Holmes is:

First, Sherlock Holmes is an observant person. Actually, people can know easily that Sherlock is observant by reading chapter 1 or 2 but this chapter again proved it. For example, Sherlock Holmes was able to know a fellow who was walking down a street was retired sergeant of Marines by observing his looks, belongings and acts. Also by observing the crime scene, Sherlock figured out that murderer was tall, had small feet, wore coarse and square-toed boots, smoked a cigar, came with his victim by a cab, had a florid face and etc. I really liked how Arthur Conan Doyle amazed me by Sherlock catching points which give big help to the case from the crime scene where the other detectives thought there were not much to detect.

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Second, Sherlock Holmes is a prudent and objective man. In the passage, he said “No data yet”, “It’s a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgement”. This shows, Sherlock does not make a rash judgement or deduction. It made me like learning about qualification of detective from the Sherlock, it looked like Sherlock make sure that every actions he take does not biases the deduction.

Third, it’s not really about Sherlock Holmes but from this chapter, I realized that this novel is based on the 19th century as Sherlock and Watson travels by the hansom cab and Sherlock is observing by the magnifying glasses or sending a letter. I felt like learning the 19th century of London by reading this novel.

So overall this chapter had show many clear information about the Sherlock’s character, genre and context of this novel. And What I thought personally about this chapter was that it seemed like Sherlock was getting to conclusion in very smart path bite by bite and made me to look forward how Arthur Conan Doyle is going impress me next chapter.


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