This is my second entry for chapter 2 ‘The Science Of Deduction’. So basically in this chapter, Watson and Sherlock moved their room to No. 221b, Baker street and started to live together. At first few days of Watson’s, his curiosity of Sherlock Holmes got bigger and bigger until when Sherlock confessed himself as a consulting detective.  This was the part I liked the most  in this chapter because I was waiting for Sherlock to tell Watson about himself and he finally did it !!!!


So it seemed like this chapter became more likely to a mystery genre now as Sherlock introduced himself as a consulting detective and showed Watson a incredible observing skill of his by explaining how he knew Watson was from Afghanistan. I was amazed by Sherlock’s observation and deduction skills.

However, I thought that it was very arrogant of Sherlock when he criticized the famous detective characters of the story when Watson was admiring him by comparing with those characters. Then, I started to think about Sherlock Holmes, “Can someone like Sherlock be in real life? “How did Arthur Conan Doyle invented such a intelligent and observant character?” and I did further research about it and I found out that  Sherlock Holmes is inspired by a real man named Joseph Bell who was a professor of Conan Doyle when he was in university.

This chapter felt to me like the story is going to be more mysterious going onward as elements of mystery genre and more about Sherlock Holmes was introduced.

The appearance of Sherlock Holmes mentioned in ‘A Study In Scarlet’ :


  • Over Six feet
  • Excessively lean
  • Has sharp and piercing eyes
  • Has thin and hwak-like nose
  • Has prominence and squareness chin

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